How to Become A Profitable Trader With A Robust Automated Trading Strategy

When you first started trading, you thought it was the answer to everything. All your money concerns gone. You wouldn’t have to work a 9-5 job ever again. You could tell your boss where to go. Since actually starting trading you have had many ups and downs. Mostly downs. Sometimes profits have been easy. But more commonly money has bled out of your account. Sometimes haemorrhaged rapidly with margin calls, other times a death by a thousand cuts as each trade didn’t work out. Trade after trade negative. No matter what you tried. You changed your methodology, your “system” . You read a few more trading books. A new trading idea came to mind that you had to trade. You tried it. It maybe worked for a while, then, the inevitable, slow decline of your equity. Frustrating to say the least. You may have had a break from trading for a while thinking it was impossible.

We have all been there. Every trader when we start out. It’s familiar to us all.

The system you use could just be a loose set of rules, if you are a more discretionary trader, or it may be a more defined coded system that you run on your charting software. But there is a world of difference you will find, between that perfect equity curve on your backtesting, and real life results.

Then there is the deadly strategy shift. As you realise that your system is not that profitable, you start to either tweak it (curve fit) or change to another system all together. Convinced this time you have found the “perfect” system. The holy grail. Now you can put your feet up and watch the money accumulate in your trading account. Hang on. It’s not working either? Downward equity curve again! Perhaps if I re-tune it to run on the 1 minute Gold futures chart. A few parameters changed and That’s it, a perfect equity growth chart.

This cycle will repeat itself many times. Forever, if you will let it. You have to recognise that this is obviously NOT the way. A hard realisation for many traders. It’s easy in a way if you blow up your account in dramatic fashion. You get to that realisation much quicker. What if, however, you have that slow bleed from your account , so that you only have to top up your account every 6 months or so. You may not realise for sometime that your strategy still doesn’t work and is not profitable in the long term.

“Regarding the importance of robustness — whereas you still need performance, robustness is nearly everything. Without robustness, you do not HAVE a strategy, only a potentially seductive fantasy.”

I’ll let you in on who’s quote this is in a short while.

There is a solution.

What would your perfect day as a trader look like? You would wake up, have a tea or coffee perhaps, maybe some stretches and make the short work commute to your study. No big traffic jam on your way to work. You sit down in the comfy chair in your study. And you look at your computer. During the week it is automated and you are in profit. Some days you are negative, but most of the days are profitable. Your charts have robust profitable strategies coded into them and they just work away taking the trades. You are in your own home, no boss, earning a good living trading the markets. You earn enough to have a great lifestyle. You travel, can afford nice things, eat out regularly, drive nice cars, and live in a great house.

Your charts trade a number of instruments, using several day-trading strategies. All your strategies are robust, thoroughly back tested and profitable. You are not taking too much risk and your confidence in long term profitability is high. That’s you, set up for the day. You can now choose to read, follow the market, watch interesting trading interviews, chat to fellow traders in the group you belong to. Or do something completely different from the markets. Go for walks, hit the gym or spend time with your family.


The automated day trading strategy is fully operational without you. Tradestation alerts you to the trades taken, so you know what is happening and can check the market if you wish to. Your life is a dream compared to the nightmare scenario when you first started trading.

backtesting chart

Well! How do you get to this life. How do you turn your trading around so it can be profitable and you can have your best life. Clue! It isn’t persisting with a non profitable system. No matter how good it looks on a backtest, it never seems to make money in real life trading. Why ? Because real life trading is very different. There is slippage, costs of buying and selling, contract rollovers, market gaps. All of which affect your profitability. 

PLUS, most trading strategies and systems are already flawed before you start trading them. They are never going to be profitable. No wonder 95+% of traders will lose money long term. What if you had a thoroughly backtested, robust trading strategy. Something you knew was profitable in the longer term.

“Regarding the importance of robustness — whereas you still need performance, robustness is nearly everything. Without robustness, you do not HAVE a strategy, only a potentially seductive fantasy.”

Here is that quote again. It is THE KEY to successful trading. Bob Pardo said it to me recently and it should be framed and hung above every traders workstation.

This is what Bob Pardo does for a living. He builds and trades, profitable, robust trading strategies. He designs, builds, tries to break, codes, backtests, forward tests, tests on out-of-sample data, and only when it’s passed all of these, does he use the strategy in his own trading. Oh, and did I mention he invented Walk Forward Optimisation.

robert pardo the evaluation and optimization of trading strategies

Bob Pardo has an impressive bio. His career spans over 30 years. He has been a hedge fund manager, award winning trader, strategy designer, Consultant, Software pioneer, and author. He wrote The Evaluation and Optimisation of Trading Strategies in 2010 and it is still a classic trading text today.

He designed the exceptional XT99 trading strategy and traded this in a joint venture with Dunn Capital Management. The exceptional performance of XT99 consistently achieved top performance citations for commodity trading advisors. He has been cited more than 35 times in top trading categories and has won multiple honours. In a 2008 Futures magazine he was featured as one of the top traders.

XT99 diversified

Bob’s latest creation is Pardo Renaissance Diversified. Renaissance is a state-of-the-art, highly diversified, algorithmic trading program. Its’ pro forma returns of an ARR of 29.98% and a Sharpe Ratio of 2.5 exceed that of XT99 and hold tremendous promise.

growth of ten million with pardo renaissance

So why is Bob making all his expertise and knowledge available to you? Why don’t successful traders with winning systems just keep their strategies to themselves and trade their own money. It’s not that simple.  He opened up to me recently and explained that he has worked at and for big organisations all his trading career. He has helped the mega rich become even richer. The ordinary trader, he feels, has had a rough time and has “got hammered on all fronts”. It’s getting harder and harder for traders to make consistent money. This, on top of poorly prepared trading ideas, poor money management and the wrong psychological approach, means as a new trader now, you are almost bound to fail. It’s often quoted that 95% of traders fail. Realistically the figure is nearer 98%. It is UNBELIEVABLY DIFFICULT  to be a profitable trader today. Be thankful that most new traders don’t know this otherwise there would be no one to take the other side of your trades!!

So what is Bob offering?

  • A ready-to-trade Day-Trading strategies in the E-mini stock index market. This strategy is based on the ES hourly chart and yours to start trading 
  • Membership of Bob’s new Renaissance Club. An exclusive group of traders with a similar outlook on the markets trading robust profitable strategies developed by Bob. Trade in the supportive positive environment of profitable traders.
  • Membership entitles you to access to the above strategies for life AND new strategies that become available.
  • Regular emails and videos from Bob about his approach to the markets, building new strategies, and life in general. You can even send questions and he will answer them.
  • Membership comes with a trade-copying service which means you can make exactly the same trades as Bob via an automated service. It is simple to set up and we will explain it in more detail when you join.
  • Membership will entitle you to take advantage of any new ventures that Bob has on the horizon. He is an entrepreneur at heart and is always exploring new ideas. Only the best ones will make it to the members.

What will immediate access to a robust profitable day-trading strategy and membership to the exclusive Renaissance Club, going to cost. Only $150 a month. And just to make it even lower risk for you, THERE IS A FREE TRIAL OF 10 DAYS. 

To put that into perspective, by switching to a robust profitable strategy, you are going to STOP LOSING MONEY LONG TERM. You will also start MAKING MONEY LONG TERM

Let’s say you lose on average $500 a month. And you start making $500 a month. Of course that’s a difference of $1,000. I’m plucking these figures out of thin air of course, just to illustrate the point that just by switching from a losing to a profitable strategy, you double your benefit. So, paying for the membership by increased profitability is very likely. 

Below are a couple of Strategy Performance Reports from my trading screen on Tradestation. If you look carefully on the bottom right of each chart, you can see the date. The chart on the top is the 14th of December 2019, the second chart below that is dated 27th of April 2020. On the 14th of December 2019, the net profit of the strategy was $86,572.50. On the 27th of April 2020, some 4 months later, and the day I am writing this, the net profit was $96,135.00. This remember is trading one ES contract only.

Now let me tell you what happened during this 4 months. Would it surprise you to know that the market fell by a staggering 35% during the Coronavirus pandemic. Billions were wiped off the stockmarket and millions of traders around the world lost large amounts of money. Many well established hedge funds and pensions were affected. If you had been trading our day-trading strategies however, you would have made a significant gain on your equity. A gain of just over 11% in just over 4 months. And remember that’s just one contract !!

strategy performance report for trading

I cannot express strongly enough, that to get this level of help at this, or any stage of your trading career is unprecedented. I wish I had had exposure to Bob’s ideas and expert profitable robust strategies when I started trading years ago. It would have shortened my learning curve very considerably. I have been a profitable trader for a number of years but I would have got here a lot quicker with Bob’s robust and profitable strategies.

To have his level of knowledge and system design available to you is very rare, and you are in a group, a very very small group, of profitable traders. The vast majority of people fail at trading because they do not have strategies like we are offering today. It immediately catapults you past the majority of trading problems that cause traders to lose money.

You will become part of a select group of traders that have access to not only Bob Pardo and myself, but also to other like minded traders following similar strategies. There is nothing more helpful in our trading careers than an environment that promotes our success than, firstly, a profitable strategy and secondly the right environment to learn with the right people.

Most of us traders are surrounded by people who don’t really “get” trading or can’t understand why we want to do this. Most of our family or friends are not of the same mindset and so it is difficult for them to see what we love about trading. Joining us will surround you with like-minded people. Traders who want to take trading seriously, and who want access to expert knowledge. Knowledge that you just will not get anywhere else without paying an absolute fortune.

And as long as you continue to be a member of our group, you will receive that expert input and help from us in the community.

If you’re a new trader or indeed an experienced one, give your trading the catapult it needs to jump into the higher echelons, by taking advantage of this unique offer.



Have a look at the above hourly chart to see how the trades look. Now can you imagine how it would be to trade this in an automated fashion and be long term profitable. What a superpower to have at your fingertips. 

Strategy Description: Ranger Alpha With Trend Type Two Strategy Two Day Trader (RA-WTT2S2DT) is from Pardo & Company and designed by Robert Pardo. RA-WTT2S2DT trades 60 minute bars in the eMini market. RA-WTT2S2-DT buys dips and sells rallies when the market is in a clear up or down trend. Analysis based on one of Pardo & Company’s proprietary trend analysis indicators. Enters on limit orders and exits on proprietary stop or limit orders. Exits at end of day if not closed out by signal. Average Losing Trade is $400. Suggested capital $15,000 for eMini, $3000 for Micro eMini. 


Who is Bob Pardo?

bob pardo president of pardo capital

Bob Pardo is one of those rare people with professional trading experience and expertise, who is sharing his skills and strategies with a limited number of traders. I can assure you Bob is genuinely willing to use his considerable trading skills to help any trader to become successful.

He has helped the mega rich become richer for years, now he is sharing his trading strategies with ordinary traders like you and me. It doesn’t matter what level of experience you have in the markets, Bob will help you rocket to the next level and beyond.



What do I get for $150 a month

You get full membership to Renaissance Club. Included in your full membership you get a very profitable Day-Trading strategy for the ES. These can be fully automated and run on hourly charts. You can start trading these strategies immediately. You get full access to Bob Pardo and his expertise. You will be part of a trading community all following robust and profitable trading strategies developed by Bob. Any new strategies and trade copying services will be made available to you.


What happens if I stop subscribing to the Renaissance Club?

In the very unlikely event that you will unsubscribe 🙂 , you will lose access to the trading strategies offered by Bob, and the trading community as a whole. Any automated strategies provided by Bob that you have running, will no longer be available to you.

Is the Renaissance Club good value for money?

This is FANTASTIC value for money. Not only are you getting a robust profitable strategy that you can start trading immediately, but you have access to a world class trader who has seen it all. His time is easily valued at $1,000 per hour.

You will be a member of a group of committed supportive traders.  If you are reasonably well capitalised and can trade these strategies as they are designed, and particularly if you can automate the day-trading strategies and let them do their job of being profitable, then yes membership is great value for money. Please don’t expect to start trading with a $5k account and make millions. Real trading is not like that.

How much do I need to trade Bob’s strategies?

We recommend to trade with a $30,000 account per contract traded with any strategy. This is enough to manage the risks of losing trades which there will inevitably be in trading any strategy. Some strategies have a 60% win rate but it could mean a run of significant number of losing trades in a row so you will need to be capitalised adequately.

I personally made $3000 in the first week trading these systems but of course can’t guarantee similar results.

What support can I expect?

Becoming a member of the Renaissance Club, you will have full support from Bob and myself. I have been trading many years and use Bob’s strategies in my own trading. We will answer any of your questions, help you with the setup of the strategies on your computer, from technical to anything trading related. And maybe some that are not.

What guarantee do I get with my membership?

Membership comes with a full one month no-questions-asked full money back guarantee. We are pretty certain you won’t need it, but if you are convinced that membership is not for you and you don’t want to trade Bob’s robust profitable strategies, then you can obtain a refund by informing us within the first 28 days. You can, of course, conclude your membership at any time. We hope you won’t as we want you to be with us forever.

DISCLAIMER: Trading involves significant risk of loss and is not suitable for everyone. People can and do lose money. Hypothetical results have many inherent limitations. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.